Guidelines to Parents

Effective Parents


  • Understand your child’s needs and limitation.
  • Understand the reason behind the particular behaviour.
  • Focus on controlling yourself.
  • Be consistent with your expectations.
  • Be involved in your child’s life.
  • Establish and set rules.
  • Be a good role model.
  • Show that your love is unconditional.
  • Talk to your child every day.
  • Make communication a priority.
  • Nurture your child’s self esteem.
  • Set limits.


  • Do not underestimate your child’s capabilities.
  • Do not lie to your child.
  • Do not compare your child.
  • Don’t be too strict.
  • Do not pamper your children too much.
  • Do not use negative words.
  • Don’t bribe.
  • Don’t overburden your child.
  • Never be abrupt and impatient.
  • Don’t scold, abuse or embarrass your child in a crowd or a group of friends and relatives.
  • Don’t push your child to do something that you once wanted to do yourself.

Early Going

Early going of pupils will be allowed only in unavoidable circumstances. The parent/guardian should get permission from the Principal for the early going of his/her child. Any verbal or written request from persons other than parents/guardians, will not be entertained. Moreover, written requests from parents/guardians sent through messengers will not be considered. ATTENDANCE A student must have put in a minimum of 85% of attendance.

Parent-Teacher Interaction Hours

The LAST WORKING DAY , afternoon session of (11 AM TO 1PM) every month is set apart for Parent-Teacher interaction. All parents are expected to make use of this opportunity without fail.