Director's Message

Dear Parents/Guardian

A child brings in unknown glory to our lives and our lives start revolving around the child and his/her needs, the parents strive hard to secure their future and provide him/her the best of everything possible. The most important need being education. We all agree that the tradition prevailing doesn’t satisfy the need of this era. Just securing marks isn’t enough to compete globally. This gave me enlightenment to come up with a school who’s whole sole motto would be to provide quality of international standards. Fortunately I had the opportunity to acquire higher education of international standards but I had to migrate to London ,and my motto would be to have such standards and opportunities in Banswara. My experience in running the college also hard-pressed me towards this mission. Any child who enters Leo would be promised a secure future whether it is school, college or be placement opportunities. Your child becomes our pride and responsibility once connected to Leo.

Leo International School and College has an earnest desire to groom every student and make each one not just man of success but a man of values. We want to ensure that quality education is provided to each student so that they thrive and break away the shackles of ignorance. I would like you to visit our School and college and experience the academic ambiance in our campus. I hereby would cordially invite you to take advantage of the opportunities offered at Leo School and College.

Thank you,
L.L.B HONS, L.L.M. (Netherland)